A very light week for my pull list! However, I’m so excited to read through Lazarus and then go back and stare at all of the exceptional artwork Michael Lark has done for this issue. He’s been tweeting progress pictures of the conclave and just… wow! Rucka apologized in advance for making him draw so many characters in one issue, but it’s going to be so worth it!

WicDiv is in my current top five. If you’re not reading it yet, go tell your LCS you want to preorder a copy of the first trade! It’s out next month on the 12th. Then you’ll have a full month to read it (and read it again… and again… ‘cause you will) until issue six is out in December.

Drumhellar is keeping me on my toesies! What has Drum gotten himself into?! Goodness gracious.

I’m also going to check out Goners, but I don’t know if I’ll be taking it home with me, which is what these posts are all about! Anything else that should be on my radar this week?

Small pull for the week ain’t no thing. Quality over quantity!