Nailbiter 6 AND the first trade is out on Wednesday! It’s the perfect opportunity to get caught up if you’re not reading this brilliant piece of horror from thejoshuawilliamson.

Peter Panzerfaust AND Rat Queens! Both written by the very talented kurtiswiebe. A special treat for those of us who read both series - the artists have switched covers! johnnyrocwell who creates the artwork for Rat Queens drew the cover of Wendy and Tyler Jenkins has the artwork covered for my favorite quartet of kick ass ladies. An absolute delight! I’m proud to say that in two weeks I’ll be getting my first comic-inspired tattoo and it’s from one of these. Stay tuned!

God Hates Astronauts issue one had me laughing hysterically and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the mind of ryanbrowneart.

TMNT… man. Shredder and Krang are officially on the war path together! Watch out, my beloved mutants!

Jason Aaron has two books on my radar this week. I’m not yet caught up with the last Thor run, but I’m excited to see where he’s taking her!

What are you most excited for on Wednesday, friends?

Comic good times are almost upon us for the week and I’m hype through the roof!